Finding The Best SEO Service

Have you started to look into search engine optimization and got a little lost on how to find someone good and trusting as I have? I live in the surrounding Portland Or area so I needed to find a good Portland SEO company. There are so many to choose from, but honestly, lets just keep this real simple.

The whole idea in finding the best SEO service, is that you want to rank as high as you can in google for certain keywords, or for your brand name. Keeping this simple type in your city SEO and see who pops up first. A true pro will be in the top two or three spots. At that point then you can call and talk to each and just go with who you feel in your gut you would want to work with.

Keep in mind these guys can tend to be a little nerdy at times and your sharpest business professionals. That really isn’t the point. Do you wanted to be awed with glitz and glamor or do you want results?

I will say that I have learned if you know or hear of any search engine pro who is a part of or was trained by a group called “OMG”machines, you are as safe to go with them as can be! I have learned a little about the organization and it’s owners and talk about class act. Morals and integrity and tougher to come by these days and this group of seo giants have that in spades!

I was lucky enough to find an OMG member Through searching Portland SEO company. Normally you will find them in the one or 2 spot of both! I have even seen them dominate a complete first page. You want to talk about ROI!

Another thing  to keep in mind is not to always go cheap when it come to seo. Here is why, Let’s say you want to rank for 2 keywords/phrases in your area (these are examples: Portland plumber, Portland plumbing company) You get 2 quotes of cost: $1,000 a month with a start up fee with a term of 6 months and $4,000 a month with a start up fee and a term of 6 months. Most people jump at the $1,000 right? lets take it a step further as I now am aware of all that is involved. Can the $1,000 a month guy show you projections and run ROI numbers for you based on expected customer increase? I would have to guess at $1,000 the answer is no. Also if after 6 months you aren’t on at least page one, (unless it is a key phase like”make money online”-super competitive) run away fast. A true seo that can give results and ROI will typically cost (depending on your market and profession) $3,000 on up. Just some of the start up costs for a seo service that covers all it’s bases is $2-3K easy. This being said, they will also provide you with projected increase in volume of traffic and customers with an ROI that will well surpass the cost of their service making them in the end basically free and profitable. So seo becomes an investment where the returns kick in as late as 6 months, but possibly sooner.

If the numbers are right (as they were in my case) it is a green light! Greatest part about working with someone evolved in OMG is that they will be honest and tell you if they aren’t the right fit for you and do their best to help you find who is.

I really hope some of these thoughts helped you in your decision! Just thought I’d share my experience so we can all learn and live a happier life 🙂


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