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Finding The Best SEO Service

Have you started to look into search engine optimization and got a little lost on how to find someone good and trusting as I have? I live in the surrounding Portland Or area so I needed to find a good Portland SEO company. There are so many to choose from, but honestly, lets just keep this real simple.

The whole idea in finding the best SEO service, is that you want to rank as high as you can in google for certain keywords, or for your brand name. Keeping this simple type in your city SEO and see who pops up first. A true pro will be in the top two or three spots. At that point then you can call and talk to each and just go with who you feel in your gut you would want to work with.

Keep in mind these guys can tend to be a little nerdy at times and your sharpest business professionals. That really isn’t the point. Do you wanted to be awed with glitz and glamor or do you want results?

I will say that I have learned if you know or hear of any search engine pro who is a part of or was trained by a group called “OMG”machines, you are as safe to go with them as can be! I have learned a little about the organization and it’s owners and talk about class act. Morals and integrity and tougher to come by these days and this group of seo giants have that in spades!

I was lucky enough to find an OMG member Through searching Portland SEO company. Normally you will find them in the one or 2 spot of both! I have even seen them dominate a complete first page. You want to talk about ROI!

Another thing  to keep in mind is not to always go cheap when it come to seo. Here is why, Let’s say you want to rank for 2 keywords/phrases in your area (these are examples: Portland plumber, Portland plumbing company) You get 2 quotes of cost: $1,000 a month with a start up fee with a term of 6 months and $4,000 a month with a start up fee and a term of 6 months. Most people jump at the $1,000 right? lets take it a step further as I now am aware of all that is involved. Can the $1,000 a month guy show you projections and run ROI numbers for you based on expected customer increase? I would have to guess at $1,000 the answer is no. Also if after 6 months you aren’t on at least page one, (unless it is a key phase like”make money online”-super competitive) run away fast. A true seo that can give results and ROI will typically cost (depending on your market and profession) $3,000 on up. Just some of the start up costs for a seo service that covers all it’s bases is $2-3K easy. This being said, they will also provide you with projected increase in volume of traffic and customers with an ROI that will well surpass the cost of their service making them in the end basically free and profitable. So seo becomes an investment where the returns kick in as late as 6 months, but possibly sooner.

If the numbers are right (as they were in my case) it is a green light! Greatest part about working with someone evolved in OMG is that they will be honest and tell you if they aren’t the right fit for you and do their best to help you find who is.

I really hope some of these thoughts helped you in your decision! Just thought I’d share my experience so we can all learn and live a happier life :-)


The Best Healthy Teriyaki Stir Fry Recipe Ingredients

Teriyaki Stir Fry Recipe

The best ingredients for a vegetable and shrimp teriyaki stir fry recipe

Cooking at home with a glass of wine is one of my favorite hobbies.  I love taking a recipe from start to finish.  My favorite dish to make is a stir-fry, either vegetable or shrimp.  I usually don’t add chicken because I try to eat primarily vegetarian.  I do eat fish though so technically I am a Pescetarian, which means I eat seafood but not any other animals.  There is a big difference between vegans and vegetarians but I will discuss that in a later post.  I also get a lot of criticism from my meat eating friends that you need to eat animal products to be healthy and build muscle.  This is when I bring up the thousands of studies that show being a vegetarian is actually healthier then eating red meat.  Another aspect to consider is if you want to spend the money on buying organic.  This is a controversial issue, but I feel that if you have the money it’s worth the investment.  You can also research the “dirty dozen” and “clean 15” theory on buying vegetables.  In simple terms, there are certain types that you don’t need to buy organic and other veggies you should always buy organic.

I saw a great video on YouTube that had my favorite stir fry ingredients so it inspired me to write this blog post.  When I make this dish I like to use cucumbers, red peppers, scallions, red pepper flakes, jalapenos, and carrots.  I usually make it with shrimp like shown in the picture above or you can make it without seafood or meat and it still tastes great!  In fact, after eating a meat free diet for over 5 years I can say I actually prefer the taste of stir-fry without meat.  If you cooked your shrimp stir-fry correctly it should look like this before you add teriyaki sauce.  I prefer not to overcook my veggies because the longer you cook things the more nutrients they loose.

The best vegeterian and shrimp recipe

This is my favorite vegetable and shrimp stir fry recipe with teriyaki sauce.

The other thing to take into consideration when eating a healthier lifestyle is the sauce and condiments you use.  I try to cook with coconut oil most the time, but occasionally I will use olive oil.  The reason I prefer coconut oil is stays healthy even when cooked at high temperatures.  Oils like olive, canola, and butter are damaged by cooking at high heats.  For this dish I used Nutiva Coconut Oil which is my favorite brand.  I also cook with crushed black pepper which I feel gives the dish more flavor.  The other myth out there is that all salt is bad for you.  I cook with Himalayan Crystal Salt which is the healthiest of all the salt types.  This salt is usually pink in color and is mined from Pakistan and is millions of years old.  The final thing to consider is your use of condiments when cooking.  I suffer from Celiac Disease so I try to avoid gluten in my diet.  There are tons of companies creating gluten-free products that cater to people who suffer from this disease.  One of my favorite products to cook stir fry with is a gluten free teriyaki sauce by a company called Keli’s.  You can also just search “gluten-free” to find other products out there.

The final thing to consider is how your food is prepared.  Obviously, deep frying your food is a lot less healthy then cooking over a wok with coconut oil.  I also prefer to cook at lower heats and not too long so I loose the minimum amount nutrients.  There’s another concept out there called Macrobiotics which states that you should mainly eat produce that is local in currently in season.  I tend to agree with this line of thinking.  Well I hope you enjoyed my stir-fry blog and my ranting about how I think about nutrition.  Remember, dietary changes are hard to make, so start small and move on from that.


The Best Advice For Picking Up Attractive Women

Two beautiful women looking at credit card in the city.

Two beautiful women looking at credit card in the city.

Are you having trouble picking up women?  I know I was.  I have always been a pretty good looking guy and I still struggled with women.  I would always come under intense anxiety whenever I was around a female I found attractive.  The anxiety got worse when I would get ready to talk to them, almost to the point it made me sick to my stomach.  Until I was in my late 20’s the only attractive girls I dated I met through friends.  One such girl I met through a mutual friend and dated for about 2 years.  I guess in a way I settled for whatever was convenient because I didn’t have the courage to approach the women I really wanted.  Well this girlfriend was fun for a while but as I started to learn more about myself I realized she wasn’t the right one for me.  Eventually I got the courage to break up with her and move on.  I felt depressed for a bit but as I studied more and learn about how to seduce women my courage began to improve.  The real breakthrough didn’t happen though until I learned about the Law of Attraction and how I could actually manifest the life I wanted.  I get it, at first I found this really hard to believe too, but then things started to change.  I began focusing my energy on my positive qualities and all the things that were going good in my life.  I avoided negative energy like the plague and removed those people from my life.  I started working on myself, my career, and my physical fitness.  I began walking with more confidence and not caring what people thought about me.  I started watching YouTube videos and learning from pick up artists who know how to seduce women.  Take a second to watch this quick video by James Marshell where he talks about advice on how to increase sexual tension.

What James Marshell is trying to explain is that women respond to your vibe and your energy the most.  In fact, when your getting ready to seduce a women you don’t even need to say a word.  That’s not to say you should say anything though.  One of my favorite techniques is to talk about things that will trigger sexual thoughts.  This is easy to do and you won’t sound weird or perverted like you would if you mentioned sexual things specifically.  Now, in order for this to work correctly you have to be a confident guy and not creepy.  As I mentioned earlier, women will pick up on your energy so you need to work on putting out good energy.  The best ways to improve your energy is through meditation, yoga, and deep breathing techniques.  Harvard University did a study that basically confirmed that Yoga is good for your sex life. One of the best books I ever read on thinking was called As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.  The basic premise of the book is what you think about you will manifest into the real world.  So if your thinking creepy thoughts all day you are projecting creepy energy and women can pick up on this.  If you think good things all day and are projecting positive energy then women will also tune into this and be attracted to you.  Now, I know this sounds crazy but it’s actually true.  So now hopefully you understand the importance of positive energy.

The final step is to actually approach and talk to beautiful women.  This takes practice to become good at but if you follow the advice above you will learn quicker then most.  The best advice I can give you for cold approaching women is to make sure it’s natural.  I like to start the conversation in a way that the women doesn’t know I’m hitting on her.  This can be done best by commenting on something in the environment.  At times this can seem strange and unnatural for me but to the female it feels normal.  If you approach women with a complex pickup line that does not fit the context of the situation it usually won’t work.  Comments like “can you believe the weather today” or “wow I didn’t think it would be this busy in here” work really good for opening lines.  I usually don’t give away my secrets but since you read this far I will let you in on how I got so good and seducing women.  There is this 20 day free pickup artist underground email blast that I joined that was the best information I had ever heard.  I’m giving you just a few of their secrets here today, but they were sharing these types of tips everyday.  The great part about this is they give you a short piece of the puzzle each morning so you don’t get overwhelmed with info.  If you want to change your game and start dating the hot women your truly desire your going to want to visit PUA Tips and sign up for their underground email list.  It’s free, there’s no commitment, and the information will change your life if you follow their advice.  Once I applied pua techniques I was able to overcome all fear I had of approach anxiety and confidently talk to beautiful women.  The women I would meet could feel my confidence radiating and would naturally be attracted to me.  The fact that I always had sexy women in my life made other beautiful women want to be with me.  It has now gotten to the point where I have the control and choose which female I want to spend my time with.  Sign up for the free email list, apply the information, and you will be well on your way to abundance with women.